The Evolution of Assisted Living Services

The water department have their inspection everybody has to inspect and sign off on your facility before you receive the certificate of occupancy and I’m telling you that’s a lot of work it’s a lot involved with that and I don’t mind telling you because I want to be transparent I want to help you open your business and make it profitable very soon I failed everyone of my inspections

The first time out yeah I assisted living services¬†did it in this up like why I Really you know why because I had no GPS I had no system nobody showed me what to do so when inspector showed up I knew I Was going to fail because I didn’t have in place what they needed to be prepared to pass the inspection and I’ve Documented all of that so I can help you get through your first inspection process and help you get.

That certificate if I could perceive sooner but it’s a process you know the fire marshal has to come to the home and then he has to inspect or sheet and determine you know what you need in the home in and then so it’s a process to go it’s several steps and and they all have to be checked off and they all have.

Their own time frame their own scheduling they’re busy and so it takes awhile and one of my scenarios is that the fire Marshall came back to inspect god bless some great guy loved him it’s real good and teaching you what you need and so of course I feel the first inspection but he’s like money I’m going on vacation so I did I really have to wait like ¬†days until he got back he told me soon as.

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