Reasons Tourists Love Best Fast Food Mexican

This step’s up to you you can combine them if you want to the filling is up to yous once the potatoes are heated through now set them aside for a minute now to make the pump a sauce grab the religious now we’re going to cut them open on onside you don’t want to slice incompletely you just want to make a small cut on the side to make a pocket so like I said grab the Collegian and now we’re going to cut it open on this side now preheat plenty of oil on high heat and once the oil is nice and hot now grab the belladonna just grab it from the opening that you made and now dip it on the red sauce this step is really.

Fast you want Mexican food the bread to get coated with the red sauce on both sides but you don’t want it to get too soggy or too wet so this step is really fast you’re just going to dip it really fast and then flip it around just to cover both sides just give it a shake and then transfer it to the oil and we’re going to fry them for about three to four minutes or until they are nice and golden brown on both sides so just keep on doing this until you’re done my potato mixture is getting cold so to keep it warm I’m going.

To add a little bit into the skillet just place it on the side to keep it warm remember we’re trying the bread for about three to four minutes until it’s nice and golden brow nonce the bread is ready don’t forget topside to drain the excess oil and just keep on frying the bread until you’re done now to fill the pan bathos stuff them with a potato mixture also add little bit of the meat mixture you Canada as much of the filling as you like and remember you can stop them with just potato mixture or use the meat.

Mixture or a combination of both after that now top them with shredded lettuce sliced tomatoes and sliced onions then garnish them Best Fast Food Mexican with your favorite cheese Mexican cream and your favorite salsa and that’s it enjoy to play this and some other delicious recipes please don’t forget visit my blog the link is going to be down below and remember you also find neon Facebook on Twitter on Instagram being that I am everywhere so all the links are going to be down below if you want you.

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