Your Key To Success: Natural Fungicide

Oil you can use vegetable oil sunflower oil rapeseed oil or neem oil neem or we’ll be the most expensive so just use whichever ones to kiss for you so for this amount I’m just going to use one teaspoon the baking soda is basically the ingredient you need to break down the fungus and the oil is to help it sticks to the legs then just give it a really good stir until it starts saying-what now oil and water don’t mix so to help this you just need a little squeeze eco-friendly dish soap now I get asked this question a lot please make sure it’s eco-friendly and not just any kinds of washing up liquid or.

Detergent must detergents have really harmful  natural fungicide chemicals that you really don’t want to spray all over your garden as a rule thumb if it doesn’t say organic or eco-friendly on the bottle is probably not so please don’t use any alternatives and the same rules apply for all of the other homemade tutorials once you finish giving it a stir for a minute or two you just need to pour it into the bottle now depending on how much soap you put into it pour it into the bottle really slowly just in case it starts foaming over[Music]then all that’s left to do is screw the cap on tightly and give it a really good shake now you need to do this every single time that you use it just to makes sure you shake up all.

The ingredients each time and there you go it’s finished and it is that quick and simple now I won’t do a video on how to apply his mainly because I haven’t got any fungus in the garden at the moment it been too cold of spring to actually develop any fungus on any flowers but if you do want to know how to apply it you can watch my soldering white mildewcide which is here and a link will be above but other than that that’s the best way of making a fungicide and the cheapest way that I know hopefully today’s.

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